Ten Campaign Promises

If elected as APA President I would promise to do the following

(and yes, I expect to be held to these promises)

  1. Always act in the best interest of APA and never out of self-interest. 

  2. Meet early and often with APA staff and other leaders to determine how I can be of service.

  3. Always focus on moving the strategic plan forward.

  4. Treat everyone with respect, compassion, and reverence and at all times.

  5. Follow our ethics code and values meticulously and at all times.

  6. Work to try and include all voices and especially those not often heard at APA who may feel marginalized.

  7. Work on efforts to have everyone who is a psychologist be a member of APA.

  8. Work to raise our voice and influence in public with engaged advocacy and communication via news and media outlets.

  9. Work to assess everyone’s gifts and talents and find a way to best use them for the good of APA and for the public.

  10. Work to treat everyone with civility, hospitality, solidarity, and kinship.