My campaign for APA President is not about ME but about WE. How can WE come together to make the world, our communities, and our profession better? How can we move our new strategic plan forward to have a big impact that brings the best of our science, practice, and skills to a very challenged and too often dysfunctional world?
Three Critical Issues for APA
Advocacy. Most of our troubles are due to human behavior.  The current COVID-19 pandemic, poverty, racism, discrimination, inequality, gun violence, abuse, drug addiction, homelessness, climate change, mental and physical health problems, etc. are problems in human behavior.  APA clearly should be the go to organization to help better inform the public to solve these problems. While APA has certainly come a long way in advocacy, we could do so much more. We need to assertively turbo charge our advocacy efforts and should not rest until an appropriate psychologist associated with APA is on CNN, and other major news outlets, every day. We should have an op-ed in a major news outlet each day as well. Click HERE for a more detailed description.
Inclusion.  APA has countless hard working and talented members, volunteers, and staff.  Yet many psychologists aren’t members of APA and many have dismissive impressions of our association. We could do so much more to make APA a gracious, hospitable, welcoming, inclusive, diverse, equitable, and an embracing organization for everyone. We need to move intentionally and strategically from civility to hospitality to solidarity and finally to kinship so that people can be their best selves and to share their best selves with others tapping into the “better angels of our nature.” We should not rest until everyone who calls themselves a psychologist is an APA member and that everyone is greatly respected, appreciated, supported, welcomed, and fully embraced. Click HERE for a more detailed description.
Ethics.  APA should be beyond reproach when it comes to professional and personal ethics. We have had moments when we have not lived up to our values and we suffer when we do. We need to do better. Highlighting our values of respect, responsibility, integrity, competence, and compassion in all that we do and at all times would be my goal. Ethics do matter and perhaps now more than ever before in our association and in our troubled society. Click HERE for a more detailed description.