"Like the rest of the world, APA is facing difficult and uncertain times. Progressive, collaborative leadership is what the Association needs at this time, and  Tom Plante is the perfect person to provide it. Anyone who has worked with Tom, as I have, knows him to be a person of collaborative spirit, innovative thinking, and impeccable integrity. Many organizations in psychology now model their operations based on Tom's work on civility and ethics; he is an agent for constructive change. I urge you to give him your #1 vote for APA President."

   Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD, Professor and Chair, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University

"My dear colleague Thomas Plante, Ph.D., ABPP is running for President of the American Psychological Association. I work with Tom on the APA journal Spirituality in Clinical Practice where he is Editor in Chief as well as other projects we collaborate on. I can't think of a better, more qualified, more deserving person for this position. APA as an organization, we as its members, and the public we serve will benefit immensely if he is elected. I ask all my friends/colleagues who are APA members to vote for Tom who is so qualified, so ethical, has such integrity, is inclusive, not to mention the nicest person you could ever hope to meet!"

   Carrie York Al-Karam, PhD, President, The Alkaram Institute

"I am writing to lend support to my dear friend and colleague Dr Tom Plante for APA President.  I have had the privilege of working first-hand with Tom over the recent years.  Tom's has both broad and deep experience working at the Committee, Division, and Council levels within APA  - a background that has prepared him well to serve at the national level.  He is a passionate  supporter of civil discourse, inclusion and fellowship across all organizations.  More so, he believes APA should be the 'voice of psychology' at this crucial time in our country when we are faced with so many challenges.  I believe his energy and dedication make him the ideal person to take on the leadership of the American Psychological Association.  I strongly encourage you to give him your #1 (and exclusive) vote for President-Elect of APA." 

   Joseph J. Coyne, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, St. Thomas Aquinas College

"I can hardly express my delight to support Dr. Plante for APA President. Tom is the consummate psychologist. He is a researcher, academic, writer, clinician, and extremely active in APA.  He is passionate about improving psychology and getting our knowledge out to the community, and in pursuing diversity in the broadest sense. Yet, Tom is approachable, has a wonderful sense of humor, and cares for individuals, not just 'people' in general. I've worked with Tom as co-author, co-presenter, and colleague on the executive committee of Division 36, and have found him to be collegial yet committed to service and achievement of goals. I encourage you to learn more about Tom and believe as you do so, you will see the great skill set he will bring to APA as President."

   Timothy A. Sisemore, Ph.D., California Baptist University (Past-President, Division 36)

"I first met Tom when he was a postdoctoral trainee at Yale, and I have followed his career closely ever since.  I am compelled by his passion and commitment to our profession and the APA.  I look forward to his scholarly contributions to our literature and to his posts in social media due to the moral clarity and well-informed, thoughtful and inspiring input that he brings to our discourse as our community addresses some of the most ethically problematic and otherwise complex issues of our time.  I am extraordinarily enthusiastic about his candidacy for APA president."    

   Bob Kerns, PhD, Yale University/VA Connecticut Healthcare System

"I will be enthusiastically voting for Tom Plante for APA President, and I urge everyone to do the same. As his collaborator and colleague for nearly 20 years, I've seen Tom show creativity, vision, unflappable steadiness, a collaborative spirit, unfailing courtesy and inclusiveness, and a welcome and cheering sense at all times. The APA will be in good hands with Tom, and now is a time that we need his special abilities more than ever."

   Doug Oman, PhD, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

"I have been a colleague of Dr. Plante's for over thirty years.  He is an accomplished teacher and scholar and is that unique professor who has excelled in teaching, research, and service.  Most notably, he has been sought out by church leaders, scholars, and the mass media from across the globe to comment and offer consultation regarding the clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church and related topics.  He has been asked to serve on the US Council of Catholic Bishop’s national review board, a very important and prestigious lay board of professionals advising the American bishops on national policy and procedures to manage the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.   I highlight this aspect of his professional life because it reflects his ability to work across society bridging professions and cultures to advance the common good, promoting justice and core human values in how we live and work.  I have no doubt he will bring these Important leadership skills to APA as President."  

   Rev. Gerdenio Manuel, S.J., PhD, University of San Francisco

"I'm hard pressed to think of a candidate with a better mix of character, intellect, and vision.  [Tom] also embodies the crucial mix of psychological science, practice, and professional leadership--and (his) record in each is remarkably impressive."

   Chris Boyatzis, PhD, Bucknell University

"As a colleague of Dr. Thomas Plante for more than 30 years, I can state unequivocally that he is an outstanding psychologist and leader, as well as a person of exceptional honesty, humility, and integrity.  Our field needs him now more than ever."

   Julie Jampel, PhD, Tufts University 

"Tom Plante is exactly the right person at the right time.  A psychologist of impeccable personal and professional credentials.  He will lead APA into a more robust future characterized by inclusivity, sound administration, and forward-thinking, considering both science and practice." 

   Edward Shafranske, PhD, ABPP, FIPA, Pepperdine University 

"I join the chorus of voices singing [Tom’s] praises. Count on my vote and on my advocacy! "

   Theresa Tisdale, PhD, Azusa Pacific University

"I am in full support for [Tom’s] candidacy as president – not only for APA but for USA as well!  I am sure that under [Tom’s] leadership that APA will prosper and that psychologists as well as the general public will profit greatly."

   Aryeh Lazar, PhD, Ariel University (Israel)

"APA would be blessed to have Tom in the president’s position!  He is the right person at the right time to bring his well-grounded, profoundly ethical, solidly spiritual, just, prophetic, respectful, and utterly kind voice to guide APA through challenging times." 

   Rev. Stephan Kappler, PsyD, President, Southdown Institute (Canada)

"This is excellent news for all! [Tom's] leadership at the helm of the APA would increase awareness for psychology’s contribution to many areas of service. You can count on me for support." 

   John Chirban, PhD, Cambridge Counseling Associates/Harvard University

"Dr. Plante is an ideal leader during these challenging times. He's steady, collaborative, ethical, and works to do the right thing." 

   Anthony Isacco, PhD, Chatham University 

"I will cast my vote for [Tom] with enthusiasm! So happy to hear that (he is) running for president - (he) would be excellent!"

   Nisha Advani, PhD, Advani Consulting, San Francisco Bay Area

"I'm so happy to see Tom running for President of APA.  What a gift to colleagues, the profession, and the public that (he is) willing to serve!" 

   John F Christensen, PhD, Corbett, OR

" Tom's tireless efforts to improve psychology and APA inspire me to remain a member. Please consider supporting him for president of APA....If elected, it would be tremendously good news."

   Michael Nielson, PhD, Georgia Southern University


"Can’t think of a better thoughtful, leader for this time."

   Matthew Tarren, PhD, Kaiser Hospitals, CA 

"I've been married to Tom Plante for 32 years and even I'm voting for him!"

   Lori Plante, PhD, Menlo Park, CA


"I am confident that under [Tom's] leadership, the field of psychology will make great strides and shine as a beacon through these tumultuous times.  I'm happy to spread the word to my colleagues about [his] candidacy!" 

   Arianna Gerry, PhD, Portland, OR

"Can’t think of a better candidate." 

   Patricia Brown, PhD, Wisdom Wave, Santa Fe, NM

"We would be in great hands with you at the helm of the APA."

   Jennifer Dragonette, PsyD, Executive Director, Newport Academy 


"We would all be lucky to have [Tom] as the president of APA."

   Gilly Dosovitsky PAU graduate student


"The APA would be so fortunate to have such a compassionate, intelligent, and strategic leader."

   Amanda Parola, Prologis, Inc.


"I first encountered Tom when I was an undergrad looking to get involved in psychology and religion, despite my limited backgrounds in both fields at the time. Googling the psychology of religion, I found Tom heavily involved. So, noticing his contact info, I sent a cold email in hope of direction. Tom didn't disappoint. A business day later, he invited me to review the APA Division 36 resources for students. I then joined Div. 36, the next year had the privilege of presenting at its annual conference, and loved the scholars, practitioners, and fellow students to which he led me. I enjoyed our APA benefits because Tom welcomed an email from a stranger. My years in contact with Div. 36 have shown me Tom is a leader who works toward the big picture yet doesn't forget the little guys. I'm Daniel Lindbergh Lang, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who's felt inclusion first-hand. I encourage you to consider Tom Plante for APA president."